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How to become a Booster Volunteer

Welcome to Rim Music Boosters!  We are the booster group for the Rim High School Music program.  We organize parent volunteers and conduct fundraising to support the music program. We believe that supporting these AMAZING kids during high school creates memories that last a lifetime!

Get Ready for 2016-2017! Music schedule, transportation form, and live scan information.

Planning to help marching band check their uniforms next year?  You will need to be live scanned.  Here are the steps:

  1. Send an email back to us so that we can send you the form. [FIND THIS FORM]
  2. Set an appointment at the Sheriff Station (Twin Peaks Tuesday or Thursday or down the hill Monday - Thursday).
  3. Send us an email (or tell Carol Stanley) letting us know when your appointment is scheduled. (Very Important)
  4. Take $64 in cash with you to the sheriff station.

Planning to help drive students next year for one of the music programs? Fill out the transportation packet (attached)  [FIND THIS FORM] and return it to the transportation department (behind the school). You will need:

  1. Valid California Drivers License
  2. Valid California Vehicle Registration for the vehicle you will be driving
  3. Valid Declaration Page of Vehicle Insurance for the vehicle being driven with $100/$300 liability and bodily injury, $50 property, and $2 medical  [$2?]